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What is an AMSOIL Commercial Account?

A company, business or municipality who wants to utilize AMSOIL products in their own vehicles?

Any company or business, whether it is a large corporation, government entity, partnership or proprietorship, that purchases AMSOIL lubricants for use in vehicles or equipment the company uses may be registered as an AMSOIL Commercial Account. Trucking companies, farms and ranches, construction companies, manufacturing facilities, municipalities and government agencies are all examples of potential AMSOIL Commercial Accounts.
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Does it cost anything to become an AMSOIL Commercial Account?

Fleet of Bulldozers facing right No� There is no sign on fee and no minimum order ever! You only pay for the products you order and utilize in your companies vehicles. No hassle. No aggravation. No reason you should not be using AMSOIL Premium Synthetic Lubricants and Filters in your equipment. Fleet of Bulldozers facing left

Are there any advantages of opening an AMSOIL Commercial Account?

By using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and filters, you will be protecting your equipment with the lubricant that sets the standard in the industry. You can not purchase any better protection for your mechanical investments than AMSOIL. Commercial Accounts buy directly from AMSOIL INC. at wholesale prices up to 40% off retail. AMSOIL Commercial Accounts can qualify for freight discounts based on order quantity and can pay for their order with a business credit card or an optional net 30-day credit line. Orders can be placed by calling the toll-free number or by utilizing the internet. AMSOIL Technical Services for technical and application questions are available for all AMSOIL Accounts.
  • Best protection available for your investments
  • Buy direct at wholesale prices
  • Freight discounts
  • Easy payment via business credit card or optional credit line
  • Toll-free and internet ordering
  • Technical support
Who can open an AMSOIL Commercial Account?

The AMSOIL Commercial Account program is designed for businesses which are interested in increasing their bottom line and gaining the absolute best lubrication and protection for their mechanical investments.

AMSOIL also has a complete line of Industrial Lubricants for your manufacturing facility including compressor oils, hydraulic oils, gear and bearing oils, synthetic grease, including food grade grease, natural gas engine oil, way lubricants, and dipping oil rust preventatives just to name a few.
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To open an Account choose one of these Options.
Option #1 Option #2

Visit the AMSOIL Website
For more information or to sign up
Contact us with your Name, Address,
Organization, Type of business, Business
Phone #, Fax #, and E-Mail address s
And We will rush you a packet with all the
Commercial details Right Away.

By E-mailing us at


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