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AMSOIL Motor Oil, Interval and Filter Recommendation For GM
Duramax Diesel Trucks
GMC Truck Photo
Chevrolet Truck Photo
GM Duramax Owners Can Reduce Costs and Improve Performance

AMSOIL HD 15W40 and 5W30 increases MPG 3% to 8%

The #1 comment is regarding the improved mileage and smoother engine performance. AMSOIL is the only diesel oil designed for extended intervals which can resist the added sheer caused by new diesel emissions systems which increase soot, heat and average engine RPM. Find out why people have trusted AMSOIL Diesel oils since 1976.

Reach 20,000 + miles before changing oil.

Use the By-Pass filter system to reach 100,000 and beyond.
by-Pass Filter Photo

GM Duramax 6.5 and 6.6 uses the AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter and the BMK-17 By-Pass Filtration Kit.

1994 to 1999 - Engine uses 7.1 quarts with filter. 2000 + use 10 quarts.

Oil change recommendations:
First, be sure you have surpassed at least the 5000 mile break in period. The 2002 GM Duramax 6.6 turbo diesel manual states: The change interval on the 6.6 is 5000 miles for "high-use" driving, and 7500 for highway. Earlier models (7 quart capacities) are 5000 for highway use and 2500 for "High-use". Your diesel engine requires CH-4/CI-4 HEAVY DUTY DIESEL oils which AMSOIL meets and exceeds. AMSOIL HDD Series 3000 5W30 and AME 15W40 is rated for all turbo diesel engines, heavy-duty diesel engines, non-turbo diesel engines, and light duty diesel engines for drain intervals at least twice the recommended interval or 6-months whichever comes first. Extend your changes further as outlined below using our simple Oil Analysis kits.

Significant Fuel Savings and Cold Weather Start-up Protection Too.

Use oil analysis (available here) and reach 20,000 to 100,000 miles per oil change. (By-Pass filter needed to achieve oil life beyond 20,000 miles.) Using analysis gives you the piece of mind you deserve and is a more responsible method to monitor the crankcase conditions rather than the Oil Life System which has no means to measure soot, viscosity, engine wear, moisture and oil acidity. Our low cost Analysis Kits also keep an on-going record each time you send in your next sequential sample. One drawback of the earlier Duramax 6.5 engine was the lower oil capacity. The bypass system increases the system capacity allowing for more soot and acid protection - another advantage.

Keep it simple
We have many GM Duramax customers who have simply gone to a 15,000 mile interval of changing both filters on the bypass unit and no analysis. No, they are not draining the oil - Just changing the filters. (If you want to extend longer then we suggest the Oil Analysis kits) One dealer suggests changing the full flow and bypass filter at 10,000 miles for the first service, then 15,000 miles each time after that. You should never have to actually drain the engine oil using this procedure.

The below is using AMSOIL w/o the bypass system:
I suggest taking an oil sample before you convert to AMSOIL just to see the current condition of the oil you are using especially if you bought your truck used. And also to note or be alerted to any wear conditions that may exist. Then once you have installed the appropriate AMSOIL synthetic oil and filter, you could simply go to 25,000 miles or 1 year whichever comes first. That is the basic coverage for AMSOIL's synthetic diesel motor oils as stated on the data sheets. AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils are designed to last at least twice the manufacturers recommended interval.

If you have not seen the data on AMSOIL's superior synthetic diesel product, before you leave please visit our Diesel Oil section of the AMSOIL Products by Application page, but first check out the By-Pass filter section below. AMSOIL 15W40, Series 3000 5W30, and our new 2007 and newer vehicle diesel oil is best priced in our 4-gallon case or larger containers.
With the 15W40 you simply cannot get a better value in motor oil. Since 1976 this has been improved constantly to exceed all future engine, EPA and API requirements. Try it out and you will never switch back. If you are in extreme low temperature areas, we also suggest the AMS-Oiler for easier winter starting.

Read on......

Change Your Mind - NOT Your Oil!
Switch to AMSOIL 15W40 or 5W30 HDD save money,
time, fuel and cut your oil consumption significantly.
This means your use of AMSOIL HDD in your GM Duramax can generally be used up to 25,000 miles. Knowing that GM designs these intervals to be conservative (using conventional SAE 40 motor oils), the use of an oil analysis will generally prove that the AMSOIL HDD (or AME) is still within the proper specs regarding to alkalinity, wear metals, soot, NOX% (nitration and oxidation), water, fuel, etc. The analysis company makes the recommendation but you see the results yourself. Why in the world would you change the oil if it's still good? And why would you use another brand of oil when AMSOIL users experience instant fuel economy increases of 5% to 15% or even greater when AMSOIL is used through out the power train and intake filters.

It is highly likely when using analysis your results will return saying - continue use till next interval. It's still good! But most importantly the life of your GM will be extended significantly.
"I'm so tired of $60+ oil changes every 3 weeks and having to wait and
watch while someone else changes my oil! What is bulk oil anyway?"
AMSOIL 15W40 is the solution to this problem!
For your first order, an appropriate Ea Oil Filter, one 4-gallon case of (AME) 15W40, two test kits (G-1451) and 2 cans of our (AEF-CN) engine flush for high mileage changeovers when converting to synthetic for the first time. For other engines there are several different filter types, so just use our on line application guide to obtain your required products.

Most AMSOIL diesel customers buy directly from our on-line store or read about the Preferred Customer Program to buy at outright wholesale. There is a simple form to mail in with $10 for a 6-month membership. AMSOIL will mail you a packet with price savings of 15% to 35%.

By-Pass Remote Filtration Units
Eliminate Virtually All Engine Wear
By-Pass Filtration (BMK-17)
Use our By-Pass filtration kits and extend oil changes even further (Filters down to 1/10 micron particle size and will hold up to a quart of water). If you don't use AMSOIL use the By-pass kit at least. It filters 5 quarts in 5 minutes at 45 miles per hour. When using AMSOIL HDD Diesel your engine will run smother, quieter and many even notice an increase in power. Our gear and differential lubes will add to the economy. These are mostly used by large fleets but we have hundreds of individual customers using them. Recently the entire state of North Carolina performed extensive studies proving the relevancy and value of these units in their busses. Most don't believe it at first, but now because of the use of the By-Pass filters and analysis they now clock over 100,000 miles on the oil and the life of their trucks are extended by several years. (Most use the low cost Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine 15W-40, AMSOIL grease, 75W-90 gear lube and the Universal ATF in the automatics.)

If you want to avoid problems with soot and deposits, the By-Pass is your solution. Contact us for a price or start your wholesale account today.

In Turbodiesel applications our AMSOIL Ea Filters are recommended for 25,000 miles or 1 year whichever comes first. Change other manufactures' filters at the engine manufacturer's recommended filter change intervals.

In Heavy Duty Diesel trucks it in not unusual for the engine manufacturer to recommend 25,000 and 50,000 without By-Pass filtration. Mack has designed an engine for 40,000 miles per change recently. AMSOIL has been tested on the road using analysis and By-Pass filtration for up to 400,000+ miles.

For the best price on all AMSOIL products sign up as a Preferred Customer for just $20 per year and order direct wholesale. For more information go here.

We also have Commercial Account pricing for use within your business. Contact us for price.

Testimonial: Several of our customers using the diesel products for the first time always send feedback regarding their amazement on how well the oil actually performed. They can't believe how smooth the engine now runs and sometimes the mileage quoted sounds very exaggerated! Don't forget to examine the AMSOIL gear and transmission products to maximize your efficiency and totally extend all your fluid requirements.

  • ANALYSIS KITS - These kits retail for about $20 retail with two way postage included. To sample your oil you can either purchase the $25 pump with hose (Vampire � Hand Pump - same as military uses) for easy extraction from the dipstick tube. You may drain a portion from the drain plug (difficult to get a representative sample) or if you have the By-Pass kit use the drain valve attached to the manifold for the quick and easy extraction.

  • Contact us for these kits. Non postage kits sell for around $15 if you need to do several vehicles together. Co-op discounts available for fleets.
Please Check out our Line of Ea Air Filters with 98% efficiency

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