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More Information about the AMSOIL Company

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10 Reasons to Choose AMSOIL

  1. Superior Wear Protection...Engines Last Longer!
    In the Four Ball Wear Test (ASTM D 4172) AMSOIL outperformed the leading synthetic and petroleum motor oils.
Wear Scar Chart

  1. Improves Fuel Economy
    AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have been credited with significant fuel economy improvement. In a fuel economy test with Class 8 trucks, AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil and drive train fluids combined to produce up to an 8.2% improvement. *

    AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, in general, have shown fuel economy benefits which most motorists will experience with AMSOIL XL-7500.

    * SAE J1321 Joint TMC/SAE Fuel Consumption Test Procedure � Type II.

  1. Easier Cold Starts
    AMSOIL synthetic motor oils stay fluid at remarkably low temperatures.

    60% of engine wear occurs during initial start-ups. AMSOIL motor oils flow freely for fast delivery to critical engine parts.
Chemistry Worker Photo

  1. Superior High Temperature Performance
    Reduced friction means cooler operating temperatures. Excessive oil temperatures can be reduced by 20 to 50 degrees when using AMSOIL lubricants.
Stock Car Racing Photo

  1. Reduces Deposits on Critical Engine Parts
    Engines run cleaner, perform better.

    Results of high temperature test.

    AMSOIL the tube on the right, was the only oil that did not show formation of sludge or deposits.
Test tubes

  1. Reduces Oil Consumption
    Tests show the superior thermal stability of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils withstand the higher operating temperatures of today�s engines better than conventional products.

    With AMSOIL only 4.73% vaporizes, compared to much higher percentages with competing motor oils. The result: better fuel economy and wear protection with AMSOIL XL-7500.
NOACK Volitility Test

  1. Lower Cost, More Convenience
    Motorists value savings. With AMSOIL extended drain motor oils, fewer oil changes saves you both time and money. Your once or twice-a-year oil changes cost less than conventional oil changes. With all the added performance benefits of AMSOIL synthetics, fuel economy, reduced oil consumption, and better wear protection, your savings add up every mile you are on the road.

  1. Jet-Age Technology
    Only synthetics can stand up to the extreme performance demands of a jet engine. Every jet engine in the world uses synthetic engine oil.
Military Jet Aircraft Photo

  1. The First in Synthetics
    In 1972, AMSOIL formulated the world�s first American Petroleum Institute certified synthetic motor oil. With more than 30 years experience manufacturing and marketing synthetic motor oils, AMSOIL has been a consistent leader on the forefront of lubricant technology.

  1. Environmental Benefits, Too!
    Fewer oil changes means less waste oil, fewer filters, less packaging to dispose of, and a better future for our children.
Chrushed Oil Filters Photo



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