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Recommended Oils, Filters, and Product Lookup For Your Vehicle

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More Information about the AMSOIL Company

More Information about Synthetic Motor Oil and why its Better

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Information about the Preferred Customers Program


AMSOIL Preferred Customers Buy At Dealer Cost!

25 Percent Off 25 Percent Off 25 Percent Off

AMSOIL Preferred Customers save money � between 20% and 25% off Retail Prices. When you purchase an AMSOIL Preferred Customer Membership, the savings are immediately applied to your first order and then every order afterwards.

Do You Want to Pay Full Retail or Buy Wholesale?

For only $10.00 for a 6-month trial membership ($15 Canadian), and only $20.00 a year ($30 Canadian), AMSOIL Preferred Customers purchase AMSOIL Products at wholesale cost, without the responsibilities of owning an AMSOIL Dealership. The AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program is for those "who just want the Products," and do not want to become a full fledged Dealer.

AMSOIL Products

AMSOIL Preferred Customers Can Upgrade To A Dealership At Any Time

Many times, after using AMSOIL Products in their own vehicles and equipment, AMSOIL Preferred Customers start talking about the benefits they are enjoying from AMSOIL, and they "sell" an oil change! AMSOIL Preferred Customers may upgrade to an AMSOIL Dealership at any time by completing the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Upgrade Form and paying the $10.00 difference between Preferred Customer and Dealer Registration fees.

AMSOIL Preferred Customers are well informed

AMSOIL Preferred Customers receive AMSOIL information packets containing wholesale price lists, catalogs and product information. AMSOIL Preferred Customers also receive monthly issues of the AMSOIL ACTION NEWS company magazine to keep abreast of technical and application developments for AMSOIL Products as well as industry news pertaining to their interests, vehicles, and equipment.

AMSOIL Action News              AMSOIL Action News              AMSOIL Action News              AMSOIL Action News

It is Quick and Easy to Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer

The AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program is designed specifically for those who wish to purchase AMSOIL Products for their own use at wholesale prices.
  • Save 20 to 25% off retail
  • No forms to fill out
  • Register via one of the options listed below
  • Buy direct
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Toll-free and internet ordering
  • No minimum order
  • Lock in your source for all your AMSOIL purchases
  • Simplified buying, delivered UPS to your door

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