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Your Oil Is Talking, Are You Listening?

Right now, the oil working in your crankcase, gearbox, or sump contains information that could be vital to the performance and productivity of your engine or equipment. Contaminants that can indicate wear or cause serious equipment damage such as metals, water, raw fuel, acids, fuel soot and other solids collect in your lubricant. Using oil analysis to evaluate these contaminants is a scientific approach to predictive maintenance, allowing you a look inside your machinery to spot mechanical wear and contamination in its early stages. You'll extend machine life, head off major maintenance costs and prevent catastrophic failure that can shut down or leave you stranded, and you'll maximize lubricant life.

Oil Analysis Provides a Big Return for Your Small Investment by:
  • Extending equipment life by preventing premature component failure
  • Reducing maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary component changes and decrease downtime due to premature scheduled maintenance
  • Enabling calculation of optimum drain intervals that will reduce lubricant costs and assure maximum equipment protection
  • Eliminating complete teardowns based on guesswork
  • Reducing unscheduled maintenance - keeps equipment up and running
  • Enabling better assessment of equipment performance
Oil Analysis - A Proven Industry Standard Maintenance Tool

Used oil analysis has existed as long as lubricants have been around. In the 1940s, the railroad industry began to analyze their lubricants for their various metals found in specific components of the engine. By tracking wear rates and trends from one sample to the next, maintenance could be anticipated and scheduled before component failure resulted in downtime and the loss of equipment productivity. This data allowed railroads to schedule teardowns when they were necessary, rather than after an arbitrary number of operating hours. The advent of spectrometric metals analysis gave rise to the practice of "predictive maintenance" which continues to be more cost effective than the standard of preventive maintenance. The oil analysis process consists of (1) lubricant sampling, (2) laboratory analysis and (3) interpretation of the results to determine the condition of the fluid and the machinery from which the sample was taken.

Who is Using Oil Analysis?

An oil analysis program can provide critical information for any equipment requiring lubricants - both gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, gears, bearings, and hydraulic systems. It's useful for owners of passenger cars, over-the road fleets, off-highway equipment, boats, or high performance vehicles. It's also essential for various industries that focus on managing plant equipment and maintenance costs. As a matter of fact, as many as 70% of today's construction equipment operators use professional oil analysis to assess equipment and lubricant condition. Forty percent of all transportation fleets and 20 percent of industrial plants also rely on lubricant testing as an integral part of predictive/preventive maintenance. These businesses know that oil analysis replaces the guesswork in predicting equipment wear and scheduling optimum drain intervals. The data provided by oil analysis enables them to maximize equipment profitability by minimizing maintenance downtime.

The Oil Analysis Program From Oil Analyzers, Inc.
  • State of the art Laboratory and testing instrumentation
  • Web based and Email Reporting for fast turnaround
  • User Friendly, Pre-Addressed Sampling Kits
  • Accessible Customer Support for Questions and Concerns
  • Maintained Data History for Trending Analysis
  • Easy To Read Recommendations
AMSOIL Sampling Pump
The sampling pumg comes with a 10 foot tube for inserting down the dipstick tube of the vehicle in question, it also has a probe needle on the front for drawing oil samples from preasurized systems.
Product Code: G1206
Oil Analysis Kits
AMSOIL provides oil analysis service options. By analyzing used engine oil, a qualified lab can detect mechanical problems your engine may have.
Product Code: G1451

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